What You Should Know about Hemp Protein Benefits

Today’s health enthusiasts are raving about superfoods and their numerous benefits; if everyone else knew how much these beneficial complements to healthy living can do, they’d be raving too.  

We have cocoa nibs, goji berries and flax seeds, but there is another minuscule seed to make a big deal about. Known for a powerful combination of revitalizing and even beautifying nutrients, the hemp seed is only now getting the appreciation it deserves.   

Following are the major hemp protein benefits derived from the hemp seeds.

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High Quality Vegetable Proteins

Hemp seeds, like many seeds, are an excellent source of protein, this is because they contain all 21 amino acids. This includes 9 essential amino acids that the body must acquire from dietary sources, because they aren’t produced internally. This means they are complete proteins, like meat proteins.

Good news for vegetarians and vegans, who always get told they cannot get complete proteins from vegetables!

Another reason the protein derived from hemp seeds is so beneficial, especially for vegetarians and vegans, is its favourable digestibility rate. The easier a protein can be assimilated into the body the higher quality it is and the more efficiently it can be used. 

It is this high concentration of amino acids that makes hemp proteins such high quality proteins. The ”Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry” published an article with the results of the PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) testing results for hemp proteins and they were found to have values higher than certain seeds and legumes. 

Furthermore, unlike many other protein-rich crops, like soybeans, hemp seeds are not genetically modified. According to hemp seed farmers, there is no need for the many pesticides or chemical fertilizers used in other crop cultivation, making it a safer source of nutrition, as well.

Other Hemp Protein Benefits

Aside from being an excellent source of essential protein, hemp seeds and hemp seed powders are also very high in fibre. A single serving of hemp proteins (30 g) can provide a significant amount (8-10 g) of the fibre required in the daily diet. Some brands have higher fibre yields.

Proper intake of fibre is essential for preventing the onset of conditions like type-2 diabetes, heart disease and constipation. Other studies, which are awaiting full recognition from the scientific community, claim hemp protein benefits muscular performance, preventing fatigue  and even enhancing immune benefits.

How to get the hemp protein benefits

Hemp protein and hemp protein powder benefitsHemp protein powders contain about 50% of complete proteins

You can assume hemp proteins by eating the seeds, maybe trying one of our recipes or, for a higher concentration, you can eat them as hemp protein powder.

The hulled hemp seeds contain about 30% of complete proteins, while hemp protein powders contain about 50% of complete proteins, depending on brands.

Another good thing about hemp seeds and hemp proteins is that they can be eaten raw. You can carry a little bag of hemp seeds or easily make protein shake and use it as a snack during the day.

Benefitting your Health and Your World

As mentioned earlier, hemp seeds require no chemical additives or genetic modification to be cultivated. As such, choosing to enjoy these nutritional wonders is a good way to save the planet and improve your health.

Hemp is Served -

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