Why vegan? Here is the answer...

If someone asks "Why vegan?" I'd say there are many answers but the simples tone is I am vegan because I do not want to finance with my money practices that are violent and destructive for animals and the planet.

More and more people become vegan, there must be a reason, it is not just a fad, as many people say to belittle this choice. For some reason, though, if one follows other types of mode (totally consumerist) is considered positively...

Do you love animals?

There are many rational reasons to answer why vegan. If you have time and want the explanations you can read here.

If you are in a hurry, watch the video below that perhaps will involve you a little, emotionally, and make you have some doubts, especially if you love animals.

Explicit videos that will make you reflect, perhaps.
Not suitable for children

Dairy is fucking scary!

What's behind the egg industry

The cause of all this is factory farming to meet the growing demand for meat in so-called "rich" countries. People want to eat more meat, but do not want to pay its true price.

If you are against mistreatement and even torture to animals, zoos, furcoats, vivisection why should this apply only to certain animals and to all? I think it's just because people do not know how factory farming works. Maybe you think that animals are killed without making them suffer... What a wishful thinking...

These videos you've seen are just two examples. If you are not convinced, you can easily find many more on YouTube.

At least, try to reduce your consumption of meat and dairy products, you'll see that you will feel a difference.

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