Hemp benefits you and the planet!

Hemp is a wonderful plant, used since ancient times, that has been banned in the last century but is now being rediscovered for all its uses.

The benefits of hemp are countless, nothing gets wasted of it, every part of the plant can be used. Practically everything can be made from hemp.

Hemp is Served -

Hemp is an extremely nutritious source of food and provides raw material to produce quality and long-lasting paper and fabric, as well as very many other products, all completely biodegradable.

I have become a hemp enthusiast and here I am going to share my enthusiasm and the various ways I use it,  starting with some recipes.

Start knowing it you too, download the recipe e-book and try as few tasty recipes, such as hemp hemp ice creams, bread, pasta, cheese and more.

Enjoy your meals and this journey of discovery!

Hemp recipes

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Hemp is Served -

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